Top US Think-Tank Calls for End to Ukraine War

Top US Think-Tank Calls for End to Ukraine War

“Get the hell out of Dodge!” They don’t say it, but that’s the message to US policy makers from one of the country’s most influential think-tanks. The "costs and risks of a long war...outweigh the possible benefits", warns the Rand Corporation, widely regarded as the ‘big brain’ of Washington’s military-industrial complex.

"US interests would be best served by avoiding a protracted conflict," continues the 32-page bombshell report. Entitled Avoiding a Long War - U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, the document is especially noteworthy because, before the war, Rand led the calls for confrontation with Moscow.

The report avoids actually admitting that the US and NATO have lost the war they incited, but that is the message reading between the lines. It bemoans the unacceptably high price to the West, from the disruption to energy, food and fertilizer markets to the cost of “keeping the Ukrainian state economically solvent,” which will only “multiply over time.”

NATO’s military aid to Ukraine “could also become unsustainable after a certain period,” while Russia may “reverse Ukrainian battlefield gains,” Rand note. The conflict is “absorbing senior policymakers’ time and US military resources,” distracting Washington from other global priorities, such as China, while pushing Moscow closer to Beijing.

“In short, the consequences of a long war – ranging from persistent elevated escalation risks to economic damage – far outweigh the possible benefits.”

The study also slams the fantasy of Ukrainian victory and war crimes trials as “improbable.” The Rand analysists point out that such unrealistic predictions only help to prolong the war and the terrible damage it is doing to American interests.

This doesn’t mean the conflict will end next month; we can expect to see Washington to continue to push its European allies to commit economic suicide-by-Russia for some time to come. But the USA will prepare for its usual solution to its no-win military disasters: Declare victory and leave. Just like they did in Vietnam and Afghanistan.