Video: Tractors shut Berlin

Video: Tractors shut Berlin

Thousands of German farmers gathered in Berlin on Monday to protest against the federal governments plans to raise taxes on farming operations and to implement “fair prices” for farmers’ products.

The decision was made as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his coalition struggles with its budget.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner addressed protesters Monday afternoon telling them that although subsidies for agricultural diesel will not expire “immediately,” that there was no money for further tax subsidies.

With hundreds of tractors blocking the streets since the early morning, the ongoing demonstration was expecting to draw up to 5,000 more, along with 2,000 trucks and roughly 10,000 protesters from all around the country.

In response to Lindner, German Farmers’ Union head Joachim Rukwied took to the stage in support of demonstrators, making it clear that they would not clear the streets until a stop was put to the government’s tax adjustments.