Trans Extremists Turn to Terror

Trans Extremists Turn to Terror

Trans activists are rapidly turning into full-blown terrorists. Speak out against their lunacy, dare to say that a woman cannot have a penis, or that having biological males competing in female sports is unfair, and you become a target for these dangerous crazies.

Our picture highlights the way trans extremists are deliberately connecting themselves to the Soros-funded violence of Antifa. This was in Vienna, but the same trend is clear in the UK and USA as well as in Europe. In fact, trans thuggery is even rampant in Australia and New Zealand.

We still have not seen the manifesto of the trans shooter who murdered three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, but we all know why LGBT groups immediately put out press releases demanding that it be suppressed. This mass shooting happened a mere week after a feminist speaker was mobbed and assaulted in New Zealand by trans activists; more recently, activist Chris Elston was physically assaulted in Vancouver by trans activists. These incidents — and others — have been reported individually by the press, but journalists have declined to notice a pattern.  

But the stories keep coming. Andy Ngo just noted that “Portland media and police still refuse to mention the suspect accused of brutally murdering a cab driver on Easter Sunday is trans.” Only Fox covered the story. 

There’s also the disturbing story of the “transgender” Florida school teacher currently “transitioning” from male to female while (unsurprisingly) grappling with mental illness. Despite allegedly threatening to “shoot the kids” and then himself, this teacher is still in the classroom — despite complaints from parents who are understandably fearful.  

Swimmer Riley Gaines, a former competitor of “transgender” swimmer William “Lia” Thomas, the man competing in female swim meets, has also faced violence for protesting against the unfairness of having biological males compete against women. During a speech at San Francisco State University last month, Gaines, a 12-time All-American champion, was “ambushed and physically hit” by a mob of trans activists, with a crowd of cops having to rush her to safety. The trans activists screamed at her as the police surrounded Gaines, shouting “Why are you running?” and “Yeah you f___g transphobic bitch” and “You crying!”  

The mob had to be blocked by security and staff. Gaines had to be taken to a safe room.

These are examples just from the last four weeks. Are every one of these incidents isolated and disconnected? Or does all of this violence — in most cases, explicitly directed at those who dissent from transgender ideology — indicate that the transgender culture wars are becoming very real? 

The reality is that many trans activists genuinely believe that opposition to their chosen identities constitutes “erasure” or even “genocide.” They have “killed” their previous identities, which is why it is considered “violence” to refer to them by their birth name, which trans activists refer to as their “dead name.” Declining to participate in the construction of their new identity by opposing sex changes for kids, or using new “preferred pronouns,” or permitting gender-confused males into female spaces, is considered to be an attack on this new identity equivalent to actual violence. In response, we are seeing some trans activists believe that violence is an appropriate and proportionate response. 

In some cases, this means mobbing women who dare to oppose them, like Posie Parker in New Zealand or Riley Gaines in California. Sometimes, it means a shooter gunning down children at a Christian school. And this is only just beginning. it will get very much worse before it gets better, for this is the madness of an age where people in general - and perverts in particular - have decided that they can be their own gods. "Strong delusions" indeed!