Trans Mania Trumps Safety of the Blind

Trans Mania Trumps Safety of the Blind

A new Zebra crossing in the colours of the trans flag has been blasted as 'dangerous' after safety concerns have been raised about similar colourful crossings in London. Guide dogs and police horses are confused by the colourful designs, but trans 'virtue signalling' easily trumps the safety of blind people in Labour-run Camden.

Camden Council, which decides on where new crossings are built, unveiled the latest four-way one yesterday to celebrate transgender awareness week.

The costly change, unveiled yesterday, comes despite London mayor Sadiq Khan being forced to halt the installation after disability groups warned they were hazardous.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind, Guide Dogs and Scope told the London Mayor the so-called Asphalt Art Project also hurt some people to look at.

Local resident Paul Embery shared footage of a guide dog panicking as she tries to navigate one of the colourful crossings in Lambeth.

Ava has to be constantly reassured to move forwards despite the road being clear of traffic.

When she is asked to find the curb she appears confused and whines as she searches around her.

Mr Embery wrote: 'This is genuinely disturbing. Did those councils spending money on pride and trans flag crossings consider this?

'Did they do any sort of risk assessment? Does their desire to flaunt their woke credentials trump everything else - even safety?'

Another Twitter user replied pointing out that police horses are also baffled by the colourful crossings.

He attached a video of mounted officers stopping at a rainbow flag one in Sheffield last year as the animals refuse to walk over it.

The only question is whether the animals really are just confused, or whether they're disgusted, or perhaps making a stand against creeping perversion before the letter Z gets added to the ever-growing LGBTQP+ list and they find themselves the next targets!