Trans Men Distort Women's Crime Figures

Trans Men Distort Women's Crime Figures

Female crime figures - especially for sex offences - are being sent through the roof, thanks to male offenders claiming to be women.

The absurd phenomenon has been highlighted by the case of former police support officer 'Zoe Watts' (pictured above), who was jailed last week for a string of offences including building an improvised bomb and having a cache of illegal weapons including knives and a stun gun.

The 35-year-old worked for Lincolnshire Police for eight years. 

Watts was born male and was called Kyle. But the force has confirmed it will record the crimes as being committed by a female offender because that is Watts's self-declared gender identity. 

Its record of the offences will be shared with the Home Office and become part of the official crime figures.

Watts was jailed for 27 months on Wednesday, intensifying fears that violent and sexual offences committed by male-born transwomen are giving a false impression that a growing proportion of serious crimes are committed by women.

At least 16 police forces record crimes according to offenders' own declaration of their gender. 

Records show a significant number of sex offenders in jail are transgender women who were born male but identify as female. They regard women's prisons as 'softer' and, being physically stronger than women, they are able to become 'top dogs' among the prisoners. 

Madness on this scale cannot end well. As we keep telling you: "separate from Sodom!"