'Trans' Paedophile Infiltrated Shelter for Abused Women and Their Children for Months

'Trans' Paedophile Infiltrated Shelter for Abused Women and Their Children for Months

A transgender paedophile who tried to rape a 10-year-old girl in a public bathroom successfully infiltrated a shelter for vulnerable women and their children, living there for months.

In 2019, Katie Dolatowski, as the biologically male predator is called, was convicted after grabbing a 10-year-old girl by the face and forcing her into a cubicle in a public restroom at a supermarket in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, threatening to stab the child and claiming that a man outside would kill her mother if she did not undress.

Despite this attack following an attempt to photograph another child as they were urinating at another supermarket, the Scottish courts — often curiously soft on paedophiles — did not send Dolatowski to prison, with judge James Williamson suggesting the public would be protected by the “stringent” community sentence and tagging order he handed down.

Whatever conditions were placed on Dolatowski, it has now been revealed that they were not enough to stop the paedophile from infiltrating a shelter for abused women, some of whom had their children with them, in Leeds, England.

Indeed, Dolatowski lived among the women there for over two months under an alias before finally being exposed, at which point the police were called and the predator taken into custody.

“We are appalled that someone with such crimes could come to a women’s refuge using a different identity,” said the chief executive of Leeds Women’s Aid, Nik Peasgood.

“We are aware a criminal using authenticated identification could access any housing provider’s services and we are not unique in being manipulated in this way,” Peasgood added, with the question of which state body or official “authenticated” the predator’s documents left unclear.

“It’s horrific. As a victim of sexual abuse myself, the whole thing is triggering. I came here with my kids because I thought it was a safe place and to find out there was a paedophile living a few doors away for months is just horrendous,” said one resident of the shelter.

“I saw her several times hanging around where the prams are parked, she is tall and skinny with long brown hair and always wore a blue surgical mask,” she said of Dolatowski, opting to use the biological male’s preferred pronounces.

“The whole thing makes my skin crawl.”