Trans sex offender finds ‘legal loophole’ to hide past crimes, real name

Trans sex offender finds ‘legal loophole’ to hide past crimes, real name

A British 'transgender' pedophile is changing his identity and hiding his real name and crimes under a “legal loophole.”

After being released from prison, convicted sex offender Clive Bundy will be given the new name of Claire Fox along with a new identity, according to his daughter Ceri-Lee Galvin, 24, whom he abused for nine years beginning when she was only eight years old.

“By being allowed to keep his change of identity a secret if he so wishes, my father Clive Bundy is being permitted to divorce himself and his name from the heinous crimes he committed against me,” she said.

“I was abused as a child by a man who now identifies as a woman and I only know because he allowed them to tell me,” Galvin declared. “It’s just appalling that his right to privacy seems to overrule any rights I have as a victim.”

Bundy served 15 years in jail for his crimes but has recently been released on parole. According to Galvin, she was only informed of her father’s name change because he had given permission for her to be notified.

She voiced concerns over the dangers of Bundy being allowed to change his name without any of her family knowing and the potential for him to contact her or her younger niece under the name Claire Fox without them realizing who it was.

“If any of my family – including my niece – got a message from someone called Claire Fox online, we wouldn’t have known it was him,” Galvin said.

Galvin believes her father used the claim of having gender dysphoria to gain privileges and an early release. Galvin remembers her father as being “ultra-masculine.” Now, she questions, “He’s never shown any remorse, so what’s changed now?”

According to Galvin, her father’s choice of name has a deeper meaning, as he chose the same name as a House of Lords peer who has repeatedly spoken out against transgenderism.

Claire Fox herself responded, saying, “Ceri-Lee Galvin has bravely broken her own anonymity and spoken out so that other abuse victims aren’t hurt by the loopholes created by gender ideology.”

“So let’s make sure everyone knows who Clive Bundy really is. Say his name. His name is Clive Bundy — not Claire Fox,” she declared. “And we should keep saying it until the powers that be stop allowing convicted sexual abusers to change their names and genders to avoid detection.”

Fox condemned the British system for allowing Bundy to “divorce himself from his crimes by disguising his identity thanks to a legal loophole.”

She explained that the Home Office’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provides records for employers to check the criminal records of job applicants. The DBS normally provides an employer with information regarding any names associated with the employment candidate.

However, according to Fox, a “sensitive-applications clause” allows transgender job candidates to hide their past names and the records associated with them.

“Many transgender people self-consciously erase their past identities and demand that the rest of us collude with their new chosen gender persona on pain of being accused of transphobic ‘dead-naming’ or misgendering,” Fox said. “That’s the logic behind the sensitive-applications clause, but it’s obvious how it could be exploited.”

According to the Daily Mail, this is not the first time that criminals have taken advantage of the British legal system to erase their past crimes and names and gender on official papers such as passports or driving licenses, which can be easily changed.

In 2018, convicted rapist “Karen White” claimed he was a woman and was moved to a female prison in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where he subsequently sexually assaulted two women inmates.

Earlier this year in Canada, a convicted male rapist who underwent transgender surgery to appear as a female was moved to a female prison with mothers and children.

A new video report reveals the reality of how some male convicts are “manipulating the system” to be housed with women in prisons without fear of being reprimanded, leaving female inmates at risk from biologically male convicts, many with histories of sexual abuse crimes.

The fact that housing biological men in female prison facilities poses serious privacy and safety threats to women is not a newly revealed phenomenon. Statistics from 2020 show that there have been seven recorded cases of men sexually assaulting female inmates in the U.K. since an updated policy that allows biological men to be incarcerated with women. At that time, 1% of the population in female prisons were men who were responsible for 5.6% of sexual assaults.

A lawsuit filed in 2021 against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation challenged a state law that required the department to “house transgender, gender-nonconforming and intersex (TGI) individuals in a manner that matches their gender identity” rather than being segregated according to biological sex.

Despite the evidence to prove the dangers of such policies, Democrat-controlled states have pushed to allow for more radical legislation that would continue to subject women to the harmful incidents.