Trans Toy Madness in California

Trans Toy Madness in California

California has become the first US state to adopt a law forcing large retail stores to provide gender-neutral toy sections under a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The new law, which will take effect in 2024, says that retail stores with 500 or more employees must sell some toys and child-care products outside of areas specifically labeled by gender. Retailers can continue to offer other toys and child-care goods in traditional boys and girls sections if they choose to.

Like many other states, CA faces really serious problems, including an epidemic of homelessness, an opioid epidemic and crumbling infrastructure, including a looming energy shortage as reliance grows on unreliable 'sustainables'. Yet Gov. Newsom is apparently more concerned to promote the trans agenda than to address real issues.

Assembly Bill 1084 continues a gradual shift in the retail industry away from strictly marketing children’s products under traditional gender stereotypes, said Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell), pictured, who introduced the legislation. Target dropped boys and girls toy sections in 2015, and other retailers have since moved away from gender-specific labels.

“Part of it is to make sure if you’re a young girl that you can find a police car, fire truck, a periodic table or a dinosaur,” Low said. “And then similarly, if you’re a boy, if you’re more artistic and want to play with glitter, why not? Why should you feel the stigma of saying, ‘Oh, this should be shamed’ and going to a different location?”

If a politician introduced legislation to favour a company owned by their own family or their own constituency, there would quite rightly be an outcry over the clash of interests or 'pork barrel politics'. Low, of course, is homosexual, so many parents of young boys in particular may care to consider his vested interest in encouraging little boys to play with glitter, unicorns and rainbows.