Trans Volunteers Muster for Ukraine

Trans Volunteers Muster for Ukraine

The homosexual intellectuals who dominate the lower ranks of the neo-con movement are busy writing their warmongering propaganda and calling for our military to be sent to die for Ukraine. But some of those on the even crazier LGBTQ 'street' is pushing things even further, even faster.

Britain, the USA, Holland and Germany in particular are seeing a growing number of transsexuals declaring their intention to go to Ukraine and volunteer to join the new 'International Brigade' of foreigners fighting alongside the neo-Nazi storm-troopers of the Zionist oligarch regime in Kiev.


Whether any can actually get there before the Ukrainian army collapses completely is another matter. But what is almost certain is that Nato will establish training camps in Western countries where young Ukrainian 'refugees' (most of them far-right extremists) will rub shoulders with Antifa street fighters and attention-seeking transsexuals as US and UK 'military advisers' seek to turn them into the underground guerrilla army that they hope will bleed the Russian army to death in the forests of Western Ukraine.

The whole idea is as ludicrous and unworkable as it sounds, but that won't stop the military-industrial complex psychopaths from trying it - not least because it will keep up arms sales nicely, thank you very much.

How much this motley 'resistance army' will actually bother the Russian Army we will find out in due course. But what is already certain is that the effort to produce a Nazi/Antifa/Tranny Secret Army will seriously destabilise Western Europe, regardless of what it does or does not achieve in Ukraine. We only have to look at recent history to understand just how wrong this will all go. Because the operation is a carbon copy of the one which produced Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the one which created Islamist militias in Libya and the one which led to the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Many of the weapons the new force gets given will end up leaking into the criminal underworld in Western Europe. The Ukrainian refugees will provide a massive and deeply disaffected recruitment base for a far-right mafia which will rapidly move to seize control of the European drugs and prostitution market, going to war with the Albanian, Kurdish and Nigerian gangs which are at present the dominant forces. And the Western neo-Nazis, Antifa Communists and armed transsexuals will soon find that it is far easier to bring their new-found military capabilities back to use against targets in the decadent West than it is to take of Russian special forces on the ground in Ukraine.

When all this comes to pass in a couple of years, the chattering classes who are at present so keen to promote such crazy ventures will express bewilderment and outrage. "No-one could have foreseen this blowback problem", they will claim. Well, we did, and we tried to warn them, but they were too blinded by hate and cowardly, vicarious blood lust to take any notice. God damn them all to Hell!