UK: Labour vows to make it easier for "transgenders" to "transition"

UK: Labour vows to make it easier for "transgenders" to "transition"

England, UK: The Labour Party has pledged to “modernise, simplify and reform” the Gender Recognition Act in a move which will make it easier for transgender people to transition.

Writing for The Guardian, Anneliese Dodds, who serves as Labour chair and Shadow Equalities Secretary, said: “Changing gender is not a decision anyone makes lightly.

“The process is intrusive, outdated and humiliating. So we will modernise, simplify and reform the gender recognition law to a new process.

“We will remove invasive bureaucracy and simplify the process.”

The Gender Recognition Act was passed by Tony Blair’s Labour Government in 2004.

Despite labelling the legislation as among New Labour’s “crowning achievements”, Dodds claimed reform is needed to accommodate for a “much better understanding of barriers trans people face”.