"Transphobic" Computers Outrage Deviants

"Transphobic" Computers Outrage Deviants

Politicians, media outlets and sporting organisations all over the Western world have surrendered to the aggressive deviants of the transgender lobby, but computer systems are made of sterner stuff! Men who claim to think they're women (and their liberal allies) are outraged by the news that facial recognition AI recognises them as men.

Giggle, a social network App 'only for females', which launched in early 2020, has since been the subject of complaints from transgender 'women'. The oddballs keep finding that their requests to join are denied by the app's facial recognition system, because their features are not 'feminine' enough.

Many feminists, by contrast, are delighted by the news, since they are increasingly angry - and indeed often frightened - over the fact that men are able to gatecrash women's changing rooms, toilets and sports competitions simply by declaring themselves to be men.

 And now Giggle's CEO Sall Grover, who is based in Queensland, has doubled down, declaring that there is no space on the app for 'men claiming to be women'. 

Grover (below), who does not believe trans women are female, told Femail: 'The fact is, women of colour are on Giggle. Giggle is used by women of every race, religion and culture. The quality that Giggle users have in common is they are female.'
Giggle, a social network that claims to be 'only for females' was slammed after trans women said they have been kept out of the app since it launched in early 2020. Its CEO Sall Grover, pictured, who is based in Queensland, doubled down this week on Twitter

The app uses facial recognition software that screen out men who want to join Giggle by analysing their facial features . The AI Giggle uses for face recognition works by analysing the bone structure of its members, meaning that individuals with masculine features could be prevented from creating an account on the app.  

Allegations of transphobia surrounding Giggle first surfaced when the app was created in early 2020. However, the story has emerged again after LGBTQ+ publication PinkNews - which is is siding with the fake women against the feminists - approached Grover for comment for an article about the controversy. 

An unnamed freelance journalist writing for the publication sent a request for comment, asking whether trans women are 'encouraged to join the Giggle app' and whether the issue of facial recognition would be 'fixed.'

Grover, a hardcore feminist who regards all men as potential threats to women, replied to the query, saying: "Giggle is a social networking app for females. Males are excluded from the user base. There is no other specific demographic that is excluded from the app other than males."

What a splendid catfight. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!