Treating YOU Like Mushrooms!

Treating YOU Like Mushrooms!

Now look at what the Fake New media won’t let you see! A stunning pro-Brexit broadside by former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is being completely BLANKED by the UK’s overwhelming pro-Remain mass media – including the Daily Mail, whose new editor is a fervent supporter of Theresa May’s Brexit-which-isn’t ‘Deal’/Sell-Out.


Writing in the tiny circulation Spectator magazine, Mr Abbott says he is ‘baffled’ by the “mess  that’s being made of Brexit.”

The British establishment , he warns, “looks desperate to cut a deal, even if that means staying under the rule of Brussels.”

“Let’s get one thing straight: a negotiation that you’re not prepared to walk away from is not a negotiation — it’s surrender. It’s all give and no get. When David Cameron tried to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership, he was sent packing because Brussels judged (rightly) that he’d never actually back leaving. And since then, Brussels has made no real concessions to Theresa May because it judges (rightly, it seems) that she’s desperate for whatever deal she can get.

“The EU’s palpable desire to punish Britain for leaving vindicates the Brexit project. Its position, now, is that there’s only one ‘deal’ on offer, whereby the UK retains all of the burdens of EU membership but with no say in setting the rules.”

The former PM goes on to write that Britain should just leave. “Freed from EU rules, Britain would automatically revert to world trade, using rules agreed by the World Trade Organization. It works pretty well for Australia. So why on earth would it not work just as well for the world’s fifth-largest economy?

“Next, the UK should declare that Europeans already living here should have the right to remain permanently — and, of course, become British citizens if they wish. This should be a unilateral offer. Again, you don’t need a deal. You don’t need Michel Barnier’s permission. If Europe knows what’s best for itself, it would likewise allow Britons to stay where they are.

“Third, there should continue to be free movement of people from Europe into Britain — but with a few conditions. Only for work, not welfare. And with a foreign worker’s tax on the employer, to make sure anyone coming in would not be displacing British workers.

“Fourth, no ‘divorce bill’ whatsoever should be paid to Brussels. The UK government would assume the EU’s property and liabilities in Britain, and the EU would assume Britain’s share of these in Europe. If Britain was getting its fair share, these would balance out; and if Britain wasn’t getting its fair share, it’s the EU that should be paying Britain.”

Then he addresses the supposedly insurmountable problem of the Irish border:

“There’s no need on Britain’s part for a hard border with Ireland. Britain wouldn’t be imposing tariffs on European goods, so there’s no money to collect. The UK has exactly the same product standards as the Republic, so let’s not pretend you need to check for problems we all know don’t exist. Some changes may be needed but technology allows for smart borders: there was never any need for a Cold War-style Checkpoint Charlie. Irish citizens, of course, have the right to live and work in the UK in an agreement that long predates EU membership.

“Of course, the EU might not like this British leap for independence. It might hit out with tariffs and impose burdens on Britain as it does on the US — but WTO rules put a cap on any retaliatory action. The worst it can get? We’re talking levies of an average 4 or 5 per cent. Which would be more than offset by a post-Brexit devaluation of the pound (which would have the added bonus of making British goods more competitive everywhere).

So what’s going on? Mr Abbott makes an informed guess:

“UK officialdom assumes that a deal is vital, which is why so little thought has been put into how Britain might just walk away. Instead, officials have concocted lurid scenarios featuring runs on the pound, gridlock at ports, grounded aircraft, hoarding of medicines and flights of investment. It’s been the pre-referendum Project Fear campaign on steroids.”

The refusal of the mass media to report this very significant intervention by such a senior figure and old friend of Britain shows all too clearly how the media elite are in on the political elite’s scam to con the British people out of a real Brexit and either settle on Brexit-that-isn’t or force through a second referendum to overturn the vote entirely.

Either way, given that Britain’s unwritten but very real constitution makes it clear that the People are sovereign, and that Parliament is subordinate to the popular will, the words ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’ used by the controversial UK Yellow Vests are neither unfair nor exaggerated.