Trudeau's Bare-Faced Cheek

Trudeau's Bare-Faced Cheek

First he puts his own people under martial law. Then he crushes resistance. And now he's lecturing a sovereign country halfway around the world on 'freedom' and 'democracy'. The cheek and hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau is simply stunning.

The tinpot liberal dictator has just committed Canada to going along with the sanctions declared by the illegitimate electoral coup d'etat regime of fake 'president' Biden. Together with various other Washington puppets, including disgraced and discredited British premier Boris Johnson, Biden and Trudeau have hit Russia with a wave of largely symbolic sanctions. They are talking tough while taking a peashooter to a gun-fight that they started in the first place.

True, they are threatening to impose tougher sanctions, but these would hit the West - particularly Germany - even harder than they would Russia. The whole thing is a truly ridiculous shambles - pretty much what you'd expect from a gang of LGBTQ-obsessed liberal con-men, in fact.

So what is likely to happen next? What does it all mean for you, and yours? Should we be frightened, or hopeful? This evening's Templar Report will examine the whole crisis in detail. Don't miss the in-depth analysis, join former Member of the European Parliament Nick Griffin, tonight at 6 p.m. UK time.

Meanwhile, here is the historic speech that warmonger Marco Rubio boasted he hasn't bothered to watch or read, and the childish propagandists of the West's yellow press have condemned as 'insane'. Well, watch it for yourself and make up your own mind: