True Toll of Lockdown Starts to Emerge

True Toll of Lockdown Starts to Emerge

The Great Reset lockdown has hit the elderly like a sledgehammer. A new report warns that millions of old people in Britain may never recover from the 'severe mental and physical harm' caused by government rules forcing them to stay at home and alone.

The charity Age UK commissioned a major survey, involving a representative cross section of 14,840 elderly people and careers.

The study found that 16 months of social isolation, immobility and loss of normal routines have left 'deep scars'. The cruel lockdown has left 25% of the regime's victims suffering increased pain - often as a result of being unable to see doctors.

Enforced inactivity has left nearly one in five older people less steady on their feet. Nearly one in eight have lost independence. 

A shocking 43% feel 'less motivated to get out and enjoy things they used to do before lockdown'. Applied across the whole older population, that's a staggering 6.9 million people whose quality of life had been diminished by the determination of Boris Johnson and a handful of leftwing elite 'experts' to use covid as the excuse to 'reset' our society.

The Age UK report contains heart-rending comments from interviewees:

"I am now constantly depressed," says one. "I often sit and weep and wonder how I shall be able to carry on."

The devastatingly high costs of lockdown will take years to be fully understood, but this report is evidence that they include serious mental and physical health - and hence life expectancy - damage to millions. 

This is on top of the catastrophic economic impact and the damage done to the educational and career prospects of young people.

The high number of shoppers in England  still wearing masks, when they are no longer compelled to, suggests that 16 months of doom-porn propaganda and the manipulation of statistics and emotions is still working on millions of people.

That means that the damage is continuing to get even worse. This makes it even more important than ever that the sizeable minority who do understand just how wicked and unnecessary all this is are willing and able to speak out and tell the truth.

That's why the best-selling new book, The Great Reset Resistance, is such an important read. The second in the Deus Vult series published by the Knights Templar, this exposes the sinister global elite agenda behind the lockdown mania. 

It reveals in well-researched detail the motives and aims of the corporate and political criminals responsible for this systematic assault on our way of life, prosperity, happiness and freedom.

Then it goes on to set out practical things you can do to defend yourself and to help build the resistance. So get your copy today!