Trump Campaign Wins Crucial Judgement

Trump Campaign Wins Crucial Judgement

President Trump yesterday won a crucial legal judgement in his campaign to fight off the Democrat/fake news media coup. Observing the US elections from Britain as we do, we wouldn't know it from the UK's own fake news media, which has now been strangely quiet on the whole subject for more than 24 hours. Suspicious about the sudden drop in the media's previously endless coverage of Biden triumphalism, we decided to take a closer look for ourselves.

We quickly discovered the reason that Britain's Lying Press have changed the subject so rapidly and drastically. President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt of Pennsylvania ruled yesterday in a victory for the Trump campaign’s legal campaign to prevent the state from being certified for Democrat nominee Joe Biden. The court ruled that the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar “lacked statutory authority” to direct state election officials to count mail-in ballots even if they did not receive proof of identification by November 9.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled before the election that election officials in Pennsylvania (as well as North Carolina) could accept absentee ballots for up to three days after the election, though the court also ruled several days later that all ballots that would arrive beyond the legal deadline be segregated and counted separately, in response to a lawsuit by state Republicans to stop a last-minute rule change by Boockvar that allowed the ballots to be counted and co-mingled with ballots that had arrived on time.

But on Thursday, Leavitt ruled that the Secretary of the Commonwealth “lacked statutory authority to issue the November 1, 2020, guidance to Respondents County Boards of Elections insofar as that guidance purported to change the deadline [...] for certain electors to verify proof of identification.”

“Accordingly, the Court hereby ORDERS that Respondents County Boards of Elections are enjoined from counting any ballots that have been segregated” pursuant to the court’s previous order on the matter.

WCSI notes that the order represents a victory for the Trump campaign, which needs Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes to stand even a chance of securing a second term. Boockvar said Tuesday that the state received approximately 10,000 ballots after the polls closed, and was still in the process of counting 94,000 provisional ballots that had been given to voters on election day. Biden currently holds a 53,978 lead over Trump in the state.

The judgement does not therefore mean that President Trump will win the state, but knocking out a big block of illicit Democrat votes would be a start. And if further court actions lead to proper scrutiny of the provisional ballots and mass double voting using both them and mail-in ballots, then the balance would indeed swing very rapidly in the President's favour.

Recounts are pending in Georgia and likely in Wisconsin and potentially additional states, and the Trump campaign is pursuing challenges based on evidence of possible fraud in several states including MichiganNevada, and another Pennsylvania dispute over allowing its campaign workers to observe the vote counting.

The fate of America still hangs in the balance. Despite the massive fraud, the election itself could still swing either way. If it falls the way the fake news media have called it, American patriots and Christians must pray that their Real President takes action beyond the courts to save their country and freedom - and be ready to join him in active resistance to the Deep State Democrat fraud.