Trump Dossier Liar Was FBI Tout

Trump Dossier Liar Was FBI Tout

Another nail was just banged into the coffin of the Russiagate hoax. A court filing made this week revealed that Igor Danchenko - who provided British spy Christopher Steele with 'information' for his now debunked anti-Trump 'dossier' - was a paid informant for the FBI.

This is especially embarrassing for the Bureau, since the US Deep State intelligence agency has been trying to cover up the whole mess by prosecuting him for lying to them. The FBI attempt to make Danchenko the scapegoat for the whole farce is thus in danger of backfiring big time!

Steele used information from Danchenko, among other sources, to compile a dossier with sordid lies accusing Donald Trump of being in Vladimir Putin's pocket.

The dodgy dossier was used to launch the FBI's investigation of the Trump 2016 campaign's alleged links to Russia, known as Crossfire Hurricane.

Much of the dossier has since been debunked. 

In late 2021, Danchenko pleaded not guilty to five counts of making false statements to the FBI relating to sources for the material that wound up in the dossier.

It's not immediately clear if Danchenko was giving the FBI information on Trump or other topics.

Among the most salacious claims Danchenko is responsible for in the debunked dossier is Russia's alleged possession of a videotape where Trump was joined in a Moscow hotel room by prostitutes who proceeded to pee on a bed that was once slept on by Barack and Michelle Obama.

His indictment states that federal agents were not able to 'confirm or corroborate' most of the allegations Danchenko made that made their way into the dossier.

Durham's investigation has been ongoing for three years and produced low-level charges for just three people - Clinton-linked lawyer Michael Sussman, former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith and Danchenko.

Clinesmith pleaded guilty to altering an email used to seek a surveillance warrant on a former Trump campaign staffer. He received a light sentence of 12 months of probation and 400 hours of community service. Sussmann was acquitted of lying to the FBI in May of this year.