Trump-Hating Destroying CNN

Trump-Hating Destroying CNN

Alright, so we have been tracking with CNN’s ratings decline over the last several months, and it really is bad, I mean there is just no way around it. Their numbers for Q2 of this year were some of the worst ever. They fell to just over half a million viewers total, TOTAL. They struggled even more during the ALL IMPORTANT primetime hours of 8 to 11 pm eastern time. They finished in an embarrassing 15th place in terms of the most-watched networks on basic cable.

They finished behind channels like TLC, Discovery and the Hallmark Channel. They averaged just over 700 thousand primetime viewers; just to give you an idea of how embarrassing that is, Fox averages around 2.4 million primetime viewers. CNN started off the third quarter with the lowest viewership average for the network since 2015, and given how news heavy the second quarter was, with the release of the Mueller Report and the beginning of the Democratic presidential campaign, Q3 promises to be a ratings disaster.

Now while it IS true that cable viewership has declined in general, streaming services like YouTube and Hulu are the wave of the future, so while it is true that cable viewership is down as a whole, Fox news is reporting that CNN’s losses really are nothing short of overwhelming. The network lost 18 percent of its audience compared to the second quarter of last year and CNN also lost nearly 40 percent of primetime viewers among their key demographics. So there is no question that CNN’s ratings are collapsing.

NOW it is being reported that these plummeting ratings are indeed causing panic within the CNN organization; now we are NOT talking about the high-profile anchors like Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo, they are jobs are safe, no, the panic that is set in is among people at the lower levels, such as producers and show bookers. I am sure many of you remember that CNN laid off almost all of its health care coverage division several weeks back; you may be familiar with that division by virtue of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, he is a pretty famous guy. Well his job is safe, it is most of the rest of the division, that are based out of Atlanta, they are gone, they are out. And these layoffs came just weeks after CNN announced that it was planning to layoff upwards of 300 of its staffers. And so, there seems to be no question that there are very real grounds for CNN staff to be panicked here. And this panic is all the more justified given the fact that the corporate executives of CNN in their parent company AT&T are not addressing the fundamental reason for these horrible ratings, and that fundamental reason is CNN’s continuing credibility crisis.

Think about it, for TWO YEARS, CNN was telling its viewers that the coming Mueller Report was going to sink Trump, the Mueller Report would end up with indictments flying everywhere implicating everyone from Trump and his inner circle and that this would be the end of Trump’s presidency, guaranteed. And so, when none of that happened, when the Mueller Report was released and turned out to be a big dud, CNN’s prime-time lineup audience plummeted 26 percent.

That loss of viewership directly correlated with massive discrepancy between CNN’s projections for the Mueller Report and the reality of when it was finally released. And then you of course have good old hysterical Jim Acosta, the White House correspondent for CNN, who we like to call Jim Accoster; he does not ask the president questions, he accosts the president, he confronts him, he antagonizes him, he openly mocks him. And then you have Don Lemon, the host of one of the prime times shows again, as Fox News has pointed out, Don Lemon has referred to our president as Adolf Hitler, he has called him a ‘racist’, a ‘fraud’, a ‘con man’, and even questioned Trump’s mental fitness.

And even CNN employees are complaining that CNN continues to put this guy, Don Lemon. They continue to promote this guy as a hard news journalist rather than an opinion host, an editorialist. They actually try to pass Lemon off as an objective journalist. I can still remember Lemon debating with Ben Shapiro and Shapiro took him to task for having such a blatantly leftwing bias, and Lemon actually tried to make the argument that he has a point of view but does not have a bias one. I heard this with my own ears. Lemon actually tried to make the argument that he has a point of view but not a bias, and of course, this simple question to ask him is are you biased toward that perspective? Are you not biased towards that point of view? I mean it is utterly absurd, so ALL of this is to say that employees at CNN really are panicked, and they have every right to be, they see the problem, they know precisely why CNN is hemorrhaging viewers, and it is because of their credibility crisis.

If you are no longer trusted by viewers, and your tagline is ‘the most trusted name in news’, uh, you do not have to be a genius to figure out that THAT’s not a business model that you are going to want to invest in. CNN execs do not seem to care. They have doubled down on anti-Trump anchors and so-called reporters, who are just leftwing activists disguised as journalists, which means that they are only going to continue to suffer more ratings losses, and more ratings losses means more layoffs. So we will certainly be keeping our eyes on how things continue to degenerate at CNN, it will be very interesting to see just how low their ratings can go.