Trump Wave Horrifies WEF Monster

Trump Wave Horrifies WEF Monster

With the Iowa votes counted and his landslide victory in the first primary. a Donald Trump victory in November is a prospect which horrifies the 'intellectual' monster behind the would-be global technocratic dictatorship of the World Economic Forum. A highly influential figure with Klaus Schwab and the WEF has admitted that should Donald Trump regain the presidency of the United States in this election year it would likely deal a “death blow to what remains of the global order.”

Yuval Noah Harari, a 47-year-old homosexual atheist Jew, is a transhumanist philosopher and fashionable author. He lectures at Hebrew University in Jerusalem while also serving as one of Schwab’s closest confidants in the globalist WEF. He raised eyebrows in August 2022 when he disturbingly remarked that the world no longer needs the “vast majority” of “useless” workers who will be displaced by technological advances. He has also remarked that “humans” are no longer “mysterious souls” but merely “hackable animals,” and recommended that AI be employed to write a "new bible" and create a new religion.

In a January 11 interview, Steven Bartlett, British host of the YouTube channel The Diary of a CEO, asked Harari, “Are you concerned that Trump might be elected again?”

“I think it’s very likely,” he mourned. “And if it happens, it is likely to be a kind of deathblow to what remains of the global order. And he [Trump] says it openly.”

While Trump's blatantly pro-Zionist position in the Middle East worries many informed patriots and all true Christians, the hysterical response of the global liberal elite to the Trump 'threat' tells Americans all they need to know about the electoral contests this year.