Target-ing Our Children: ‘tuck-friendly’ childrenswear launched

Target-ing Our Children: ‘tuck-friendly’ childrenswear launched

American retail corporation Target have once again shown their anti-family stance as clear as day, this time with their decision to introduce “tuck-friendly” clothes.

Even women's swimsuits have been introduced with a “construction” that helps to hide male genitalia.

The clothing come with a tag indicating its “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage”.

Target have of course celebrated June Pride Month with displays using rainbow and LGBTQ+ messaging for years.

The products can be found in a special pride section in stores, and are labelled as “thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions”.

Target's CEO has defended the company's controversial 'tuck friendly' line, insisting the woke product rollout will be a success.

Despite facing sharp criticism for the release, which also includes items for babies and children, CEO Brian Cornell told Fortune's Leadership Next podcast he approved of the campaign.

Target's campaign also comes amid criticism of Adidas for its decision to use biological males to model its women's swimwear.

The sportswear giant has faced calls for a boycott after it used the male models to advertise its female product line for their Pride 2023 collection, leading to accusations the marketing campaign was 'erasing women'.

Both models, who are described as 'they' online, have hairy chests, visible bulges and their description says they are 6ft 2in with a 34' chest and 27' waist. Additionally, one of the biological male models posed in a sports bra.