Tucker Will Be BANNED From TV

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Tucker Will Be BANNED From TV

Tucker Carlson, without any doubt the most honest and well-informed man on mainstream television, appears to know that his days are numbered!

With liberal-left, globalist censorship rapidly closing down the last free speech outlets in the entire Western world, Tucker is pretty much the last man with any influence standing against the appalling neo-con push for war against Iran – the nation that has done more than any other except Syria and Russia to defeat the Islamist head-cutters of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

In this latest interview, Tucker goes even further, not just opposing the planned war on Iran, but also drawing attention to the fact that the sort of people pushing for the war are also heavily involved in pushing for the destruction of America (and Britain, Sweden, France, etc) through mass immigration.

Clearly, Tucker knows they are coming for him too, so he’s doing what he can to get his revenge in while he still has a voice. Our prediction? Sadly, that won’t be for much longer!

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