Turkey Threatens Europe With New ‘Refugee’ Flood

Turkey Threatens Europe With New ‘Refugee’ Flood

Turkey’s rogue President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened Europe with a renewed flood of ‘refugees’ if the continent’s leaders dare to call the Turkish invasion of Syria an “occupation.”

“We will open the gates and send 3.6 million refugees your way,” Erdogan said while speaking to officials from his ruling Islamist AK Party, according to Reuters.

As the liberal-left go hysterical over the embattled Kurds forming an alliance with the Syrian government, but also squealing about the Turkish invasion which has sparked this remarkable turn-around, relations between the European Union and Turkey do indeed look set to plummet.

Donald Trump did the right thing by American taxpayers and military families to put an end to US involvement in the region’s apparently endless wars. But the peoples of Europe are too close to it all to simply ignore what is going on.

The threat from Turkey has to be understood and opposed. Here, as a reminder, is what the Knights Templar International did last time Erdogan unleashed a flood of his ‘refugee’ pawns on Europe….