Turkeys Voting For An Early Christmas?

Turkeys Voting For An Early Christmas?

With Muslim immigration leading to increased anti-Semitism all over Western Europe, the leaders of the Jewish community in Germany are funding the liberal ‘rescue missions’ in the Mediterranean which are acting like a giant magnet to draw hundreds of thousands more Muslims to Europe ever year.

The strange story has been highlighted by a report in the Times of Israel on 30th September. The headline: “In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat.

“We as a Jewish organization feel obliged not to be bystanders in a situation where there’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in front of our eyes, especially when it’s so close to Europe,” Central Welfare Board executive director Aron Schuster told The Times of Israel.

“Everything that we do as a social and welfare organization is on the one hand based on of course humanitarian rights, but also on Jewish values,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Israel itself, take a look at how they deal with Muslim and African immigration in their own country: