TV Propaganda Exposes Liberal Extremism

TV Propaganda Exposes Liberal Extremism

A TV programme produced with German tax money shows the truly insane level of the national death-wish of the liberal elite – and their contempt for ordinary people.

The feature film “Departure Into The Unknown”, repeated on German TV since first aired several years ago, depicts the fate of a family fleeing persecution by a totalitarian system, from an unusual perspective:

In the near future, Europe has sunk into chaos. ‘Right Extremists’ have seized power in many countries. Germany has switches from persecuting patriots to target dissenters, Muslims and homosexuals. Jan Schneider (Fabian Busch) is a lawyer who has sided with the ‘minorities’. But when he learns that the regime wants to jail him again, he makes up his mind to flee.

His aim is the Southern African Union, which has seen an economic boom and enjoys political and economic stability. A freight ship is supposed to take him, his wife and two children Nora and other refugees to Cape Town, but the traffickers abandon their passengers in tiny dinghies off the coast of Namibia.

The ludicrous but manipulative storyline is filmed by feminist company Hager Moss and funded by the Bavarian state TV and the South African government (which incidentally, can’t even keep the lights on in South Africa!)

One of its two editors is Christine Strobl, chief executive of national television company ARD Degeto. She is the daughter of German finance minister Schäuble, an old ally of Angela Merkel.

In 2016, Schäuble supported Merkel’s Muslim ‘refugee’ invasion, condemning the idea of defending Germany’s borders from the flood of military-age young men:

“Such shielding would destroy us, would make us degenerate in incest.” 

In reality, such pro-refugee hysteria and deceit exposes the fanatical self-hatred that these liberal have, and the fact that they will stop at nothing to impose on the nations of the West a deliberate plan to swamp, breed out and replace their original populations.

Both the aim and the consequences are literally genocidal. And the process has gone too far for it to be reversed before it plunges the whole of Western Europe into savagery. There will indeed be European refugees fleeing in the near future – but not to places like Hungary, Poland and Serbia, not the basket case formerly known as South Africa!