U.N. Plan to Blacklist Sanity

U.N. Plan to Blacklist Sanity

The United Nations is laying the groundwork for a combination of legal sanctions and physical attacks on anyone - anywhere on the planet - who dares to question the corruption of children and perverse 'gender' dogma of the ruling elite.

The plan is for all those who defend life and family to be put on a blacklist by the UN office for human rights. The list will then be used to impose sanctions on pro-family advocates and expose them to terrorist attacks from the far-left.

“Who are the main actors who argue that the defenders of human rights of LGBT individuals are furthering a so-called ‘gender ideology’?” reads the call for input from the UN rights office published last month, primarily addressed to LGBT groups.

In the broadly worded prompt, the UN rights office asks for examples of “public expressions or statements by political and/or religious leaders” who challenge LGBT rights.

“What are their main arguments?” the UN rights office asks. “Have they been effective in regressing the human rights of LGBT individuals? Have their strategies directly or indirectly also impacted on the human rights of women and girls?” they add.

It urges the collection of information on protections for freedom of religion, belief or conscience that would limit “the enjoyment of human rights (including sexual and reproductive rights) of LGBT persons.” 

The information will be used in a forthcoming report protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity which will be passed to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The UN LGBT Tzar appears to be adopting the approach of the Southern Poverty Law Center, of creating a list of “hate groups.” The hate list of the Southern Poverty Law Center was notoriously used by domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins in an armed attack on the Family Research Council in 2015. As well as allowing legal sanctions against those named, the use of such hate lists is know to produce and facilitate violence, and that is of course their purpose.

Democrats introduced a bill in the U.S. Congress to create a similar international backlist last year, called the Global Respect Act, imposing sanctions on all foreigners who oppose LGBT rights. From having a mission to 'make the world safe for democracy', the new masters of the USA are hell-bent on using their power, your taxes and your soldier children's blood to make the world safe for Sodomy!