UK health authority aware of 2 maternal deaths connected to DIY abortion pills

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UK health authority aware of 2 maternal deaths connected to DIY abortion pills

Two women in England have died after taking abortion pills sent via post, according to a leaked email from a senior chief midwife at NHS England. 

Kevin Duffy, a former director of abortion organization Marie Stopes International, presented the email as part of a judicial review of the government’s coronavirus regulations which authorize women in England to kill their preborn children at home by using both pills for a chemical early abortion. 

In addition to the maternal deaths, the email says that multiple women have been hospitalized with serious health complications after taking the pills and that police are investigating three incidents related to abortion pills sent via the post, including a baby suspected of being murdered after being born alive.

“[W]e are aware there have been two maternal deaths linked to this issue,” the email reads.

“One case where a woman was found at home the morning after starting the process and the second where a woman presented with sepsis and died very quickly in the A&E dept. Neither of these women were known to our maternity or gynae service as far as we are aware.”

The email goes on to say that other incidents include “women attending ED with significant pain and bleeding related to the process through to ruptured ectopics, major resuscitation for major haemorrhage and the delivery of infants who are up to 30 weeks gestation.”

“There was also a near miss where a woman had received the pills by post and then wished for a scan so attended a trust and was found to be 32 weeks,” the email continues.

Under the new regulations the time limit for taking the abortion pills is 10 weeks. Under the 1967 Abortion Act, abortions are permitted in England under exceptions to earlier laws that make it a criminal offense. The Abortion Act allows abortions up to 24 weeks, providing it is carried out by a registered doctor, that two doctors agree that the mother’s physical or mental health is at risk, or that the child will be seriously disabled. Abortions may also be done up to birth if the child is disabled or in certain other circumstances.

“There are 3 police investigations...linked to these incidents and one of those is currently a murder investigation as there is a concern that the baby was live born,” the email continues.

The email was presented as part of Christian Concern’s legal challenge of the new government regulations which authorize women in England to kill their preborn children at home by taking both abortion pills there.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said in a press release that the leaked email is “a sickening admission that those running abortion services in England have elevated ideology over women’s safety.”

“The email appears to suggest that pregnant women who have used the telemedicine service during UK lockdown have died or experienced serious life-changing complications,” Williams said.

“This further confirms the inherent danger of DIY abortions and shows how ideologues who show little concern for women – and no concern for babies – have captured NHS England as well as the providers and professional bodies.”



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