UK University tells women: 'DON'T challenge someone using the WRONG bathroom'

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UK University tells women: 'DON'T challenge someone using the WRONG bathroom'

Female students at the University of Plymouth have been told not to confront anyone they suspect of posing as a woman in their toilets - and instead 'protect them from harm'.

Signs in both male and female lavatories around its buildings contain the warning posters branded with the pink, blue and white strips of the trans flag.

The notice reads: 'You are welcome here.

'Do you think someone is using the 'wrong' bathroom?

'Please don't challenge them, stare at them, insult them.

'Instead please respect their privacy, respect their identity, carry on with your day.

'They are using the toilets they feel safe in.

'Do not make them feel uncomfortable, instead protect them from harm.

'Trans, non-binary and gender-questioning students: you have every right to be here.'

Despite this evil gaslighting of young women, Plymouth University insisted it had done nothing wrong and was being inclusive to everyone.

A spokesperson said: 'Our campus has been designed so our staff, students and visitors feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings which includes single-sex and gender neutral facilities.'

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