Ukraine Crisis Exposes Green Energy Scam

Ukraine Crisis Exposes Green Energy Scam

The sound of screeching brakes is tearing through the world of liberal policy makers worldwide as they perform a massive U-turn on energy policies.

The West’s forced transition away from reliable fossil fuel energy into fantasy “green” energy alternatives has proven to be disastrous. And

Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin’s decision to stop the deep state from using Ukraine as a proxy nation to commit atrocities led to sanctions, which led to energy shortages, which led Western Europe to realise that if it does not revert back to fossil fuel use, it will be lights out very soon. And Western Europe's big and heavily multi-cultural cities most certainly lack the cohesion, social capital and police power to withstand prolonged blackouts.

Even the corporate-controlled media, which has long praised green energy, is now admitting that we had better get those oil pumps and drilling operations going or else we can all expect a third-world style collapse come winter.

“… an energy-starved world is turning to coal as natural-gas and oil shortages exacerbated by Russia’s war against Ukraine lead countries back to the dirtiest fossil fuel,” the Journal reported.

The EU is moving rapidly to plans to keep policies in place to ensure that fossil fuels are generated cleanly and responsibly, but no longer will they be on the chopping block for a full phase-out and ban like before.

Even “clean coal” is making a comeback as it is needed along with the others to keep heaters going, plants growing and the world economy flowing. Wind, solar and wishful thinking are simply not enough to keep the lights on.

“… from the U.S. to Europe to China, many of the world’s largest economies are increasing short-term coal purchases to ensure sufficient supplies of electricity, despite prior pledges by many countries to reduce their coal consumption to combat climate change,” another report explains.

There is actually now so much demand for coal that prices in the global market are spiking dramatically – or at least this is the reason we are being told for the massive jump on the charts that has been seen ever since early 2021.

Benchmark prices for coal reached new records this year, one example being spot coal prices at Australia’s Newcastle port, a key supplier to Asia. There, oil topped $400 a ton for the first time ever last month.

“Hilariously, the push for coal is being led by Europe, ground zero of the ‘green movement’ which finally realized that one can’t burn fake virtue or melt posing in front of camera in the winter to keep warm, and is boosting coal purchases to ensure it can keep power flowing to homes and factories after Russia cut gas supplies to the continent,” reported Zero Hedge.

“Germany, which not long ago promised to eliminate coal as a power source by 2030, is among the nations now importing more.”

Instead of phasing out coal completely by 2030, Germany could be more reliant on it than ever before by that time. The same goes for its nuclear power plants, which were slated to shut down but will now be resurrected and put back to use in order to avoid a total economic collapse.

The only question now is whether the current U-turn has happened early enough, and if it will be kept up for long enough, to avert a green energy meltdown - or if it is already too late.....