Ukraine Crisis - Warmongers Backs Down?

Ukraine Crisis - Warmongers Backs Down?

Like any other playground bully, the US Deep State puppet regime in Ukraine seems to have blinked and backed off as soon as it became clear that their intended victim was going to stand up to them.

Just a few days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed an Executive Order authorising the use of military force to deny the people of Crimea their right to continue the future they chose with the Russian Federation. At the same time he ordered a massive build-up of his Western-supplied military against the tiny breakaway Russian-speaking Republics on the eastern border.

But when Vladimir Putin responded with Russian troop movements - including batteries of hypersonic missiles targeted on Ukraine's command and control centres (i.e. including Zelenskyy personally) - the hybrid Jewish-Nazi regime in Kiev appears to have had urgent second thoughts.

Ruslan Khomchak, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine  has now said that the"liberation" of Donbass by force will lead to mass deaths of civilians and servicemen, and this is unacceptable for Kiev. "Being devoted to universal human values ​​and norms of international humanitarian law, our state puts the lives of its citizens in the first place," the General Staff's press centre quoted him as saying.

According to Khomchak, the Ukrainian authorities consider the political and diplomatic way to resolve the situation in Donbass a priority. At the same time, he added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for an adequate response both to the escalation of the conflict and to "the complication of the military-political and military-strategic situation around the country."

Zelensky then joined in, taking a very different line from his sabre-rattling of the previous week and announcing the need for a new truce in Donbass after visiting the contact line.

The head of state wrote on Facebook that shooting at the front lines had become "a dangerous routine." "After several months of observing a complete and general ceasefire, we returned to the need to establish a truce," Zelensky said.

The development is very welcome, but the danger is still not over. The Washington Deep State continues to push Ukraine towards dangerous confrontation. But perhaps the Ukrainians have understood that the Biden regime isn't really interested in helping Ukraine, so much as using it to drive a wedge between Russia and Germany, in the hope of forcing the German government to scrap the nearly complete Nordstream 2 pipeline which would have allowed Germans to buy cheap Russian gas rather than over-priced LNG from the USA.

If the pipeline goes ahead, everyone will win: Germany will get cheaper energy; Russia will get paid for it; and American gas will stay in the USA - which will mean cheaper energy for American industry. The only losers will be the Deep State plotters and their military-industrial complex cronies. With such powerful forces in favour of keeping the confrontation going, we're not out of the woods yet!