Ukraine Truth - Share This VIDEO!

Ukraine Truth - Share This VIDEO!

Here it is! The stunning video that got its brave producer attacked in the House of Commons by no less a covid and war criminal than Boris Johnson himself. This exclusive interview with captured British mercenary Aiden Aslin blows the lid off the lying narrative about the war in Ukraine being peddled by the BBC, Sky, CNN, etc. Watch it now before it's cancelled! 

Honest journalists covering the conflict are being targeted by the Ukrainian Nazi death squads. Chilean truth-teller Gonzalo Lira has already been kidnapped, tortured and murdered. And now Graham Phillips has been accused of committing a 'war crime' by making this interview with Aslin.

Disgraced Tory MP Damien Green - who had to resign as a Cabinet Minister over a sexual harassment scandal and was also caught red-handed in the MPs' expenses disgrace - waded in to liken Mr Phillips to William Joyce, the pro-Nazi broadcaster who was hanged for treason at the end of World War Two. The irony, of course, is that Mr Phillips is EXPOSING Nazis, not supporting them. That particular dishonour and shame clings to Messrs Johnson and Green.

The flak that Mr Phillips is getting from the mainstream media and the political elite shows clearly that he is bang on target with this remarkable scoop.

Graham is literally risking his life, every day, to bring you the truth about this terrible and extraordinarily dangerous conflict. Please make the effort to repay him by finding a few minutes today to post the link to his article, or just the video, all over every social media platform possible. Thank you for joining the struggle for truth and peace. Deus Vult!