Sweden: Asylum Home Tells Ukrainian Women Dress Modestly To Not Provoke Migrant Men

Sweden: Asylum Home Tells Ukrainian Women Dress Modestly To Not Provoke Migrant Men

Ukrainian refugee women living in an asylum accommodation in Sweden have been told to dress more modestly so as not to provoke other men from other cultures also living in the accommodation.

Ukrainian women living at the Galaxen asylum accommodation in the municipality of Olofström have been given a dress code by those who run the accommodation and told that dressing in certain ways may provoke men from other cultures according to Gitana Bengtsson, who connected the refugees to a local women’s shelter after she learned of the situation.

Bengtsson spoke to broadcaster Sveriges Radio about the situation in the asylum accommodation saying, “I’ve talked to a woman from the women’s shelter in Olofström, and she said that we are going there and have a meeting, or have an information meeting for the women. So that if they are exposed, they can call, they should feel safe.”

According to Bengtsson, the women were told not to wear clothing that exposed their skin such as short shorts or skirts and stated, “If those women were to live in the city, no one would tell them how to dress.”

The incident comes after a report in March that Ukrainian women living in a Swedish asylum accommodation had been harassed by migrant men who had tried to force their way into their accommodation, including one woman who was sleeping in her room with her children.

In other countries, there have been reports of Ukrainian women and girls being sexually abused in asylum accommodations, including a claim that an Afghan migrant working as a security guard at a German asylum home sexually abused two refugee children aged six and seven earlier this month.