UK's Woke Spies Go Full Tranny

UK's Woke Spies Go Full Tranny

British intelligence officers have been told by their bosses to "share your pronouns", "avoid gender biases", celebrate diversity and avoid hierarchy. The sheer scale of the woke insanity that has gripped the security services emerged in the latest guide for MI5 and MI6 officers. (Pictured above, the distinctly occultish architecture of the MI6 headquarters in London).

In a foreword to the guide, UK National Security Adviser Stephen Lovegrove, who allegedly wrote it, says that "this toolkit is called Mission Critical because a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to succeeding in our national security missions".

Officers are also told to consider their "white privilege" and avoid gendered terms such as "manpower" in a guide to improve diversity and inclusion in the security services, the Daily Mail has reported referring to a leaked copy of the document. The leaked guide for British spies also advises them not to use words such as "strong" and "grip" because they can "reinforce dominant cultural patterns".
The toolkit calls on UK national security staff to declare their pronouns in order to make transgender colleagues feel more included.

"Sharing your pronouns, if you are comfortable doing this, helps to create an environment in which this is normal. You can do this by: adding your pronouns to your email signature or sharing them at the start of a slidepack", the guide purportedly reads.

The document also contains a section on inclusive language, which points out that "in national security, look out for words and phrases, such as 'strong' or 'grip', that reinforce the dominant cultural patterns. Avoid jargon, hierarchy, or gender biases". Another section urges British agents to "consider the impact of phrases that can have negative connotations or dehumanise others".

"Try not to define an individual or group by what makes them different. If you need to talk about an individual or group, choose adjectives over nouns. […] Use gender neutral language to reflect people's diversity and reduce stereotypes and assumptions, for example, about job roles and functions which need not be gender defined", the toolkit reportedly notes.

"Mission critical"? Mission Impossible, more like! But seriously, how much longer do you think the good Lord will tolerate Sodom-on-Thames?