UN Agrees To Outlaw Criticism Of Immigration – Arrests Critic!

UN Agrees To Outlaw Criticism Of Immigration – Arrests Critic!

A United Nations Compact to make mass migration to Western nations even easier, and to outlaw criticism of immigration, was passed in Morocco yesterday. And the ONE politician who dared to object was immediately arrested and hauled away by UN security guards!


The global pact seeking to better manage migration was approved by delegates from 164 nations following 18 months of debate and negotiation. German chancellor Angela Merkel hailed it as an “important day”.

The UN’s global compact on safe, orderly and regular migration, signed in Marrakech, is aimed at coordinating action on migration around the world. It was rejected by President Donald Trump a year ago. Since then Austria, which holds the EU presidency, has pulled out of the process, along with Australia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia and the Dominican Republic.

Merkel, who has flooded Germany with nearly two million ‘refugees’ from Syria and Afghanistan, received a standing ovation on Monday after an impassioned speech in which she said the UN was founded after the second world war and spoke of the “incredible suffering on humankind” wrought by the Nazi regime.

The compact, she said, is about “nothing less than the foundation of our international cooperation”.

Six countries, among them Israel and Bulgaria, are debating whether to quit the deal, a UN spokesman said after the pact was adopted. Thirty out of the 193 UN countries that agreed on the pact did not attend the conference.

On Friday, the US described the pact as “an effort by the United Nations to advance global governance at the expense of the sovereign right of states”.

The global pact lays out 23 objectives to open up legal migration and to commit signatories to take legal steps to outlaw criticism not only of badly behaved immigrants, but even of immigration itself.

The lone protester, Udo Voigt, is the Member of the European Parliament for the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). He was able to give brief interviews about his protest to various news media before he was taken away by UN security staff. Reportedly, he now faces being deported and banned from Morocco. It certainly didn’t take the UN long to start applying the clampdown, did it?