UN Assault on Religious Freedom

UN Assault on Religious Freedom

The United Nations has been at the dark heart of the drive to use first 'climate change' and then Covid as excuses for dictatorial global government ad the destruction of our industrial economy.

And now fresh light has been shed about the United Nation's deep hostility to traditional values. A United Nations Special Rapporteur has written a UN report that takes to task traditional religious beliefs and values regarding life, marriage and and reality of biological sex that they respect. 

In his report, the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, pursues a controversial agenda that includes abortion and LGBT+ demands that are out of step with the convictions of religions and religious adherents. He accuses religious institutions and religious adherents of discrimination and proposes a range of measures designed to force believers and religious institutions to abandon their principles and surrender to the diktats of the global left.

The report proposes a massively expanded role for the state in doctrinal matters if a religious institution has “harmful discriminatory gender norms.” It is bitterly critical of Christians and Muslims in Africa who oppose introducing school books that promote homosexuality.

Shaheed also seeks to promote abortion, the 'redefinition' (i.e. destruction) of marriage. He denies biologically immutable sex and the diversity between man and women that is founded in that reality. And, of course, this UN apparatchik wants traditionalists who stand by such values to be forced to conform to his Cultural Marxist dogma.