UN Women's Agency Cancelling Women

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UN Women's Agency Cancelling Women

The UN agency tasked with elevating the status of women around the world is now attacking the same women it is supposed to be protecting and promoting. It's just the latest sign that the lunacy of feminism is falling victim to the even greater lunacy of 'gender'.

UN Women is now pushing for the scrapping of the titles "woman" and feminine in the name of gender equality.

This goes contrary to what many would think would be the mandate of the UN agency which also bears the word "Women" in its name.

Clearly having been captured by trans men who think they are women, the agency is now in the process of stripping women of their God-given uniqueness. UN Women claims that sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression exist independently of each other, referencing the “Genderbread Person” – a diagram that asserts that gender identity is associated with the brain, while sex is related only to one’s genitals.

This has angered many women who believe that UN Women is overstepping its mandate while focusing on transgenderism and radical gender ideology campaigns.

In the real world, women in many parts of the world need better food, better health care, better infrastructure and even better maternal care , but the absurd body that is supposed to represent them is pushing for transgenderism. "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad".

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