URGENT - diesel crisis warning!

URGENT - diesel crisis warning!

We all know that the arrogant and tyrannical global elite a lot to answer for, but a new crisis they’ve helped create could eclipse everything they’ve done so wrong so far.

Apart from lorry drivers and the owners of other large modern diesels, most people have never head of DEF, but that looks set to change within just a few months. Because DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, our entire economy will grind to a halt without it, and a world-wide shortage of the stuff means that we’re all too likely to find out just how bad things can get as a result.

DEF isn’t actually necessary; diesel engines ran efficiently and well for more than a hundred years without it. But the global elite’s obsession with carbon dioxide and the myth of man-made climate change has led to many governments ruling that all new diesel engines should be made so they have to use Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which cuts the engines’ carbon emissions.

So every diesel put on the road in the entire Western world since about 2010 uses DEF. And they just can’t run without it, that’s how their engines have been built. It's made of 67% Urea fertilizer and 33% distilled water. Every diesel truck you see driving down the road today has to have this product to drive. The engines won't start without it, or at best will run in limp mode. Regulators inside the engine mix two percent of DEF with the diesel.

So what’s the problem? Synthetic urea is made in fertiliser plants These use a great deal of energy and give off a lot of carbon dioxide, and the geniuses in Parliament decreed that they have to pay massive taxes for the ‘right’ to emit CO2.

Faced with this burden most of Britain’s fertiliser plants have closed down, so instead of making our own urea, we have to import it. No urea, no modern diesel engines – so instant massive shortages of food in the shops, and a cascade of society-wrecking problems.

It hasn’t been a problem up until now, though, so why are we now facing a dire and worsening DEF shortage? Well, take one guess as to where we get most of the urea that keeps our lorry fleet on the road.

Yes, that’s right – Russia. Because Russia is the world’s largest exporter of Urea by a wide margin. So the NATO sanctions regime – for which the clown Boris Johnson is the main cheer-leader - means that we’re not getting any more urea from Russia. Qatar is second. Egypt and China are tied for third place, but the Chinese have just announced that they’re stopping urea exports. India makes lot of urea, but uses nearly all of it. So the whole Western world is facing a catastrophic shortage of the stuff.

The USA’s industrial base is almost as hollowed out as Britain’s, so America also relies on imported urea for its own enormous DEF consumption. A lot of it comes from Canada, so that supply is presumably reasonably secure.

That said, the Biden and Trudeau regimes are among the Great Reset puppet governments have both committed to phasing out new diesel engines in the quite near future. As a result, companies are less and less inclined to invest in anything to do with diesel technology, since such businesses are set to be strangled to death within a decade or two. So even the Canadian supply is increasingly problematical.

On top of that, however, America’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid supply is now apparently being deliberately sabotaged. Flying J is the largest service provider for truckers across the Unites States, Flying J get 70% of their DEF from shipments via Union Pacific railroad.

UP has single user access to the fertiliser plants that their urea/DEF comes from. No other rail provider has access to these distribution points. This means Flying J can't just go around Union Pacific. Union Pacific is in charge.

Flying J provides 30% of all DEF consumed in the United States. But UP has told Flying J to reduce their shipments by a whopping 50%. If they do not comply then they will be completely embargoed. That would in effect bankrupt FJ. This means that 15% of all DEF consumed by truckers in the US is no longer available via the largest travel service operation for the entire trucking industry.

If this situation is not turned around very quickly indeed, DEF shortages will be the catalyst that causes food shortages in the coming months. Not only is there a shortage of fertiliser to grow crops but unless the Federal Government intervenes via the Defense Production Act, there is going be a dangerous shortage of trucking in the coming months.

There simply isn't going to be enough DEF to keep the engines running and moving. Home Depot is already limiting the amount of DEF you can buy in their stores.

Unless the political elite abandon their obsession with ‘green’ taxes and work with what is left of the West’s fertiliser industry to restart large-scale urea production, then we face food shortages and collapsing delivery networks.

There simply isn't going to be enough DEF to keep the engines running and moving. Can you imagine what our big and ‘diverse’ cities will look like after a few days without bread, milk, ready-made pizzas and deliveries to fast food joints?

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘doomsday alarmism’. It is an advance warning of an artificially created but very real looming crisis.

Perhaps the elite will wake up in time to order emergency measures in time to stop the problem becoming a catastrophe. Perhaps they will try, but fail. Or perhaps they know what is going to happen and are deliberately allowing it to do so as part of their drive to reduce the ’over-consumption’ of us unwashed masses. Perhaps they see mass starvation and collapsed cities as a good way to enforce their population reduction plan.

Whichever it is, it’s surely time to step up the prepping and, if you still live in a big and thus particularly vulnerable city, to get the hell out. And remember who to thank when it all hits the fan!