Vax Threat to the Image of God

Vax Threat to the Image of God

Up until now, outside of several big liberal-run cities, Russia has resisted much of the Covid hysteria which has so damaged and perverted the West. But now there is huge controversy in Russia over a proposal in the Duma (Parliament) to introduce QR codes to mark out and separate the vaccinated from Pure Bloods.

Even some Orthodox clergy have come out in favour of the entry-level Mark of the Beast proposal, although the large majority of them are made of stronger stuff and are arguing for freedom and righteousness. The following piece sums up the proper Christian position on the question and is very much worth reading:

When making a choice whether to be vaccinated against COVID or not, it is important to be well informed on this issue both medically and religiously, says Bishop Porfiry.

Vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, vicar of the Solovetsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky Stavropigial Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Porfiry (Shutov) named the main grounds for a Christian to base his decision on vaccination. The hierarch's sermon of July 18 was published on the monastery's YouTube channel.

The hierarch noted that before the introduction of compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus, "everyone really did decide for himself what was best for him <...>. Now it is necessary to make that choice again and check again the grounds on which one can make this important decision for oneself. And what grounds can there be for a Christian that are truly meaningful and essential to us?"

According to him, one must necessarily take care of one's health, a really great value, cherish and preserve it, and avoid illness. But those who doubt the healing power of the coronavirus vaccine, he noted, have good reason to do so, "because there really are questions about these drugs: there are unfinished trials, and the fact that people get sick repeatedly and often severely, and the side effects. All of that has to be taken into account. So a lot of people, also for the good of their health, think it's better to abstain from these drugs for now."

In deciding whether or not to vaccinate, it is important to be well informed on this issue both medically and religiously, the hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church emphasized.

"Totally official information. The vaccine is a genetically engineered, high-tech product. It contains proteins of matrix RNA or DNA, these agents are built into the human genome, change it, modify it, edit it. And at this point, the Christian who is responsible for his salvation must stop. We all know what genetically modified foods are. If it is a tomato, for example, it has only an outward resemblance to the fruit that was grown in our garden. But what is a genetically modified person or, if you will, a person with an edited genome? To what extent has the image of God remained intact in him? And who can guarantee that this intervention has not caused irreversible damage to our image of God?" explained Bishop Porphyry.

In addition, he continued, there is official information about the presence of metal nanoparticles in the vaccine, that there is technology to influence the nervous system through them, and "that they are all built into the circuit of digital control.

"This raises the question: Has the person who has experienced these interventions really remained an autonomous and sovereign person, or has the center of control over our behavior been moved somewhere outside? But it is absolutely necessary for our salvation to remain human in the image of God. If such changes are made in human nature, will Christ, who came to save man who has sinned but not lost the image of God, find in us those who have been subjected to the interference of fallen man by his own fallen mind into these innermost depths of human nature?

If our whole eternal destiny depends on the resolution of this question, whether we will be Christ-like, whether our eternity will be in the light of the Blessed Trinity, or whether we will share the hellish places prepared for the devil and his angel, it is better to take the blow of a thousand lightnings than to see the meek face of God turned away from us. The fear of offending God drives out all other fears in the Christian heart. This is why Christian civilization has drawn red lines, beyond which one must never cross, interfering in the mysteries of this world, in the mysteries of God," emphasized Bishop Porphyry.


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