Veterans Day Truckers Action ADVICE

Veterans Day Truckers Action ADVICE

This may well be our most important post ever, so please read it all, and act, right now!

As the video below reminds us, Veterans' Day is one of the most important and sacred days in our annual calendar. Armistice Day in Britain, it of course marks the moment when the guns of World War One fell silent in 1918, and it is the day when we honour all those who gave their lives for our freedom. So it is an apt day indeed for the American first truckers' strike against the Biden/Harris coup and their plans to wreck the economy with insane and destructive lockdowns and climate change deindustrialisation. The Templars support this action, but we also urge the organisers to go even further - and we have the experience to make concrete proposals for America's new freedom-fighting rebels to do just that.



Today's truckers' action is of course only testing the water. The fake news media currently trying to lie President Trump out of office will either ignore it altogether or try to portray it as a failed action by a handful of elderly, toothless 'rednecks' (if you take a sniff, you can smell the rotten stench of the elite's anti-white racism, but that's another story). Don't worry about that, the important thing is to gauge the starting strength of this new movement and then to move on and plan the follow-up actions.

While President Trump now does seem to be moving away from the golf course and on to a series of mega-MAGA rallies to #stopthesteal, the Democrat war on American freedom is far too big for the President to stop just by addressing some gigantic crowds. For one thing, the fake news media will refuse to show just how much support he has. And the more decent Americans turn out to call for freedom with peaceful Trump rallies, the more Antifa and BLM will be used to threaten massive violence if the Harris/Biden coup is stopped.

Left unchecked, the threat and then unleashing of a new wave of far-left violence will have a big impact on the police, military commanders and the courts. Faced with the prospect of mass riots and widespread arson in all major cities if they back Trump, or 70 million conservative voters grumbling, holding peaceful demonstrators and then going home to hide their guns and make plans for 2024, it would be very tempting indeed for the people who should move to stop the steal to sit on their hands instead and let the coup proceed.


The power of the Truckers

Fortunately, the truckers have it in their power to show that it is not the elite and their low-life welfare-scrounging puppets who really make America work. Because the people of every single city, suburb and town in the USA rely on a vast and complex chain of "just in time" storage depots and delivery systems. Break that chain for just 8 hours, and the supermarket shelves will empty. creating a panic-buying spree which will leave them bare. The elite and the wavering law enforcement officers need to understand that - while Antifa and BLM can burn a few blocks on the edges of a few ghettos - 48 hours of no food or fuel deliveries to Democrat-run fraud factory cities would unleash utter anarchy.

We are not saying that the truckers should do that now, they simply need to demonstrate that they CAN do so. And WILL do so, if the police, courts, National Guard and Army refuse to uphold the constitution and stop massive voting fraud from bringing to power a far-left Democrat regime whose economic suicide 'green' attack on the energy industry would put 20 million people out of work. 


The power of the Farmers

And it is not just the truckers who should take action. America's farmers - particularly beef, pork and chicken producers - will also see their industry and the livelihoods slaughtered if the Dems are allowed to steal power. Even the half-measure lockdowns imposed thanks to the Dems in opposition have already done massive damage to food production chains in the USA, which huge numbers of animals destroyed. Biden is quite open about his plans for much stricter lockdowns, and on the back of the mayhem caused by them, Harris would then bulldoze through 'climate change' taxes, fuel price hikes and regulations designed to push meat prices out of the reach of ordinary people. The elite will still get their juicy steaks, but the radical left agenda for the rest of us is factory-spun meat substitutes and bug protein. 

America's farmers cannot afford to leave the fight against the Democrat coup to Donald Trump and the truckers, they need to take powerful action themselves. And fast!

The really good news is that it doesn't even need large numbers of truckers and farmers to demonstrate the enormous power of blue-collar and check shirt America. It would be ideal if every trucker simply parked up on the same day, but it isn't necessary to drive the point home; a few thousand men taking the right action is all it will take.


Real life example - people power WORKS!

This is not some sort of unproven theory, we've seen it done. The most dramatic example is what happened in Europe and Britain back in 2000. Faced with massive fuel tax hikes by 'green' obsessed socialist governments and supermarkets paying below-production cost prices for milk, a wave of strikes and fuel depot blockades by farmers and road hauliers forced the French government to back down. This spread to Belgium, Spain, Germany and all over. And then, most dramatically of all, a couple of dozen local farmers took their tractors and muck-spreaders and blocked the main gates of two big oil refineries.

They were quickly joined by a few dozen more disgruntled truckers and together they organised blockades at all of Britain's oil refineries. Most fuel lorry drivers immediately refused to cross their picket lines and fuel stations began to run out within hours. The mass media were forced to report on the story and on the farmers' and truckers' grievances and demands. Despite the inconvenience, public support for the fuel strikers was massive.

More farmers joined in, taking milk tankers and tractors to block big supermarket supply depots. By now, just two or three thousand brave men had the hated Blair regime over a barrel. Panic-buying and fights in the huge queues for rationed supplies at fuel stations showed that major cities were just 48 hours from devastating food riots. The point was well and truly made!

In the end, however, the incredibly successful strike and blockades were stopped. The panicking government promised major concessions and several of the key strike leaders were either bought or threatened into calling for a return to work. The BBC and Sky broadcast fake reports that the blockades were being lifted at several of the main depots, and the security services cut all phone connections in those areas so that the strikers could not tell their fellow campaigners across the country that they were in fact still holding firm. The strike crumbled and the Blair regime survived and went on to do immense long-term damage to Britain. 

But the EXAMPLE of the 2000 hauliers' strike in the UK could now give blue collar Americans the power they need to push back against the Harris/Biden/elite coup. So now watch this report that gives a further flavour of how the farmers and truckers brought Britain to a standstill.

Then read on beneath the video to learn what how you can help.


Together with legal actions from the President from above, and a wave of giant demonstrations from Middle America, this strategy of pressure from the men who really keep America run and supplied with food and other daily essentials can turn the tide against the coup. But moaning about the great steal won't help, sitting and shouting at the lies on TV won't help. This needs ACTION - right now.

Start by sharing this post, and cut-down versions of this plan, all over social media. More important still, speak to truckers and farmers, or just some pick-up owners, make some signs, and pick your target. It will only take a few well-chosen examples and the whole movement will spread like wildfire.

And there are other blue-collar, red-blooded Americans who also have the clout help turn things around. Think about the electricity and water supply workers, for example. Or the men and women who maintain the infrastructure of the mobile phone networks and the Internet - liberal graduates have a death grip on what can be shared, but blue-collar Americans have the power to stop ANYTHING being shared at all!

It will only take a few thousand such men to tell the elite: "If you steal our election victory and bring down our twice-elected President so that you can destroy our jobs and take away our First and Second Amendment freedoms, then we will bring the whole lot crashing down around your ears. Forget about running America for four years, if you push on with your coup you won't be in control for more than 48 hours".

So spread the word, get organised and ready for action. Because, as Veterans' Day always reminds us: Freedom has never been free!