Video with lessons for all of Europe – this is how a martial people under threat respond to secure their identity

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The Sir Knights of the Royal Black Preceptory marching in Lisburn 27th Aug 2016. This was one of seven such massive parades in Northern Ireland that day, as there are every year. Notice the Templar iconology on display, although this RBP organisation is exclusively Protestant in nature. They are noted for their good behaviour, piety and staunch defence of their faith.


There are never any issues with Catholics at these parades these days and that is a very positive development in that war torn region. More and more people on both sides of the old ‘divide’ are realising that Islamism and anti-religious cultural Marxism are the real enemies from here on.

We even know of former IRA men in hardcore Republican/Catholic areas who now vote for the staunchly loyalist Democratic Unionist Party rather than ‘their’ Sinn Fein, because SF is now not only blatantly Marxist but also pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, internationalist and pro-immigration. Times they are indeed a changin!

The Knights Templar Order