Vigano's Message to Pride Demonstrators

Vigano's Message to Pride Demonstrators

Faithful Archbishop Vigano has slammed the LGBTQ+ rabble who strut their stuff on Pride parades. And, as ever, this modern hero of the Roman Catholic church hits the nail very squarely on the head!

"I address myself to those who are taking part in these manifestations of so-called “gay pride.” No: you will not be like gods; you will be like beasts. You will not have happiness; you will have pain, illness, and death – eternal death. You will not have peace; you will have discord and quarrels and wars. You will not have prosperity; you will have poverty. You will not be free; you will be slaves. And this will happen unavoidably, because the Liar is a murderer from the beginning, and he wants your death, erasing in your eyes the image of God, stealing from you that blessed eternity that he first lost with his own rebellion.

"Because the first to sin by pride was Lucifer, with his Non serviam – I will not bend; I will not bow to God;I will not recognize Him as my Lord and Creator. How can you hope that he who hates the Author of life can love you who are His creatures? How can you believe that the one who has been condemned to eternal damnation could be capable of promising you that eternal bliss of which he was the first to be forever deprived?"

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