Vigano Slams 'Satanic' NWO

Vigano Slams 'Satanic' NWO

The Satanic New World Order project is doomed to fail! That as the core of the message delivered by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s address to a conference with the political movement Civitas in Pontmain, France, on July 29, 2023.

"The infernal plans of the globalist elite – which we have seen to be inherently evil – are also consistent with each other, because they are moved by the adversary’s hatred of Christ. Bill Gates’ project to obscure the sun and vaccinate the world’s population; Soros’ plan to invade Western countries by hordes of Muslims and undermine the natural family by  financing  the woke and LGBT movements; Klaus Schwab’s plan to force us to eat insects or confine ourselves to 15‐minute “smart cities”; Harari’s plan to erase the idea of a transcendent God and compose a “politically correct” Bible;  the plan of the deep state to centralize control of citizens by means of digital ID, electronic money and  the manipulation  of  the vote; Bergoglio’s plan to transform the Church into an agency of the U.N. and the World Economic Forum – none of these are completely separate plans carried out autonomously and without any relationship between them.

"In all that has happened in recent decades in a more underground form – and more recently in an obvious way – we can see a mens, an intelligence capable of organizing in a way that appears both infallible and unstoppable. Because we have to admit it: whoever  built  this infernal machine, in which all the gears seem to fit together perfectly, demonstrates a superior, angelic, and indeed, a satanic intelligence.

The apparent victory of the wicked

"Our observation of the organizational efficiency of the wicked should not frighten us, nor  make us desist from fighting against their plans. Indeed, I believe that it is precisely this “perfection” in the enemy camp that will end up constituting its own condemnation: Simul stabunt, simul cadent, says the Latin adage – they will either stand or fall together. And it will be exactly so, because the triumph of evil is a fiction, a simulation, merely the staging of a scene, a scene that is based – like everything that comes from Satan – on appearance and lies.

"Let’s go back for a moment to Easter of the year A.D. 33. Let us place ourselves among those in Jerusalem who witnessed Jesus’ Crucifixion, after seeing Him perform miracles and  healings. Even on Golgotha, in the absence of the apostles, Lucifer’s staging should have ratified the defeat of the Messiah, the dispersion of His disciples, the consignment of His teaching to oblivion, and the disavowal of His Divinity.

"But precisely on the Cross, the instrument of death and infamy, the fate of humanity has been reversed by the one who by the death of the body restored the life of the soul, and who, allowing Himself to be nailed to that wood, nailed hell to it. O mors, ero mors tua. Our  nature, wounded by original sin, finds it difficult to accept the understanding that Christ’s victory is accomplished according to the logic of charity rather than the logic of hatred, and that His victory is all the more inexorable and definitive the more that we His children allow greater room for God to act, and place less trust in human means.

Satan the illusionist

"Let us not, therefore, judge the apparent “happy living of those who are evil” of Psalm 36 as a sign of inevitable defeat: this impressive deployment of forces, this scenography that seems  so realistic, this impressive choreography, all constitutes the only resource from which the great liar can draw – illusion – and the only way to induce us to believe that he is powerful and invincible. He is a great magician, this is certain: but as such he can amaze us as an illusionist, deceive us with his tricks, which, once they are off the stage and seen in the light of day reveal their pathetic inconsistency.

"The trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat or the spectacle of a woman sawed in two only work as long as the audience remains at a distance, letting itself be deceived by the dim lighting and theatrical gestures of the magician – and so it is also with the mantras of respect for the environment, the health of citizens, and universal brotherhood. On the other hand, who among the spectators at a “magic” show or someone who lingers on the subway to watch a performer play the game of the three little cups would think that the “tricks” are real? Who would give credit to a Doctor Dulcamara who proposes, as in Donizetti’s work, a drug that is “a cure for toothaches, an admirable liquor, and a powerful destroyer of mice and bedbugs?” (Felice Romani, L’elisir d’amore, scene V, Dulcamara).

"Fiction – or, more precisely, a fraudulent sale, because that is what it is – is the mark of Satan’s trade. Comprate il mio specifico, per poco ve lo do – Buy my item; I’ll give it you for a little money. This trickster dealer – and along with him all his servants, who are no less busy selling their concoctions – reminds us of certain  characters  who  until  some  time  ago,  in the parking lots of the motorway restaurants, offered the unwary a video recorder for a few euros, which then turned out to be a casing weighed down by a brick; or those who, in exchange  for a  sum  for  the processing of  the notarization, promise in an email to give the reader the inheritance of an African millionaire who has just passed away.

"But if we all know perfectly well that behind these high‐sounding promises there is only a fraud against us, why are there still those who believe in  them? Wasn’t the efficacy of the  experimental mRNA serum mass inoculation equally patently false? Isn’t the narrative about the energy crisis, achieved by imposing sanctions on Europe’s largest exporter of natural gas equally ridiculous? Is not environmental fraud grotesquely unfounded?

"Yet, looking around, it  seems that many, many people are more than willing to believe the lies of these Dulcamaras, these fairground hucksters who from the World Economic Forum or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Union or the World Health Organization, extol the virtues of their miraculous filters: universal income, abolition of poverty, the defeat of disease, and global peace. Only to discover that we must pay that universal income by going into debt and giving up private property, that their “abolition of poverty” leads to the  misery of individuals and nations, that Big Pharma wants us to be chronically in need of medical care, and that the peace of the New World Order means perpetual war.

How was this possible?

"Many in recent years have asked: How was it possible that such a large part of humanity could have consented to all this? If we look back – going back to the 1980s, for example, before high finance decided to attack European nations with the privatization of state assets and with the definitive destruction of society and the family, which had already begun well before – it seems almost impossible that in a short time the enemy could have taken such impressive steps without arousing significant reactions and resistance. And if we listen to the words of those whom Roncalli called prophets of doom, who from the first sessions of Vatican II announced the apostasy to which it would lead, it seems unthinkable that their authoritative alarms could have been ignored and indeed that those who sounded them deserved to be condemned and ostracized by the supreme pastors.

"And here we return to fraud, to the adulteration of faith, of morals, of the liturgy, to the  culpable deception of those who, constituted in authority, reveal themselves as enemies of those whom they should instead protect, and friends of those whom they ought to oppose or  convert. The chimera of a brotherhood devoid of the common fatherhood of God is exposed as fraud; the actuosa participatio that has destroyed public worship by Protestantizing it is  fraud; the shared priesthood of the faithful is a fraud, fraudulently insinuated at the council to weaken the hierarchical priesthood; the alleged democratization of the Church is fraud: Her Divine Founder intended Her to be monarchical, something no human authority can ever change; ecumenism is also a fraud, by which the divine majesty is humiliated at the level of prostitution, as Scripture eloquently calls false religions. All the gods of the pagans are demons (Ps  96:5), and the sacrifices of the pagans are made to demons and not to God (1 Cor 10:20).