Vital Videos - Do Your Bit!

Vital Videos - Do Your Bit!

Despite all the war hysteria and censorship, the liberal elite propaganda push for war is getting bogged down in public scepticism. The millions of people woken up by the globalists' Covid plague hoax are switching their efforts to opposing and exposing anti-Russian sanctions for what they really are - a continuation of the WEF's Great Reset drive to push us in the West into poverty and subservience.

This means that perhaps 20% of people in Britain, the USA and the rest of the West are firmly against the Nato effort against Russia. But talking about these facts won't have any real impact on the masses, on the 80% who wore masks and got jabbed and trembled night after night as they watched the TV news doom-porn and blatantly manipulated plague statistics.

To turn these people against the elite's fake news war narrative, we need to talk about much more practical things. Our own propaganda experts have studied and discussed the whole situation in detail, and as a result we have identified the three key 'buttons' which need to be pressed to reach the 80% of the population who are essentially conformists and who are at present being herded to war by the fake news media.

As regular viewers of the Templar Report will know, we have already put effort into giving our people guidance and help on pressing the first of these 'buttons': We've identified and circulated the most powerful video clips available of the gruesome reality of NUCLEAR WAR. As a result, our volunteer brethren all over the world have been able to join in our central effort to spread these clips all over the internet. We're pleased to have note a distinct uptick in the visibility online of this crucial material, and thank everyone who has helped for their sterling efforts so far.

The second 'button' which will influence the 'sheeple' is the thing they are already experiencing in their own everyday lives: the ECONOMIC PAIN of soaring fuel, energy and food prices. Yes, of course we know that much of this was already in the pipeline, being the inevitable result of the global elite's destructive decarbonisation and lockdown policies. Covering up this fact is one of the benefits for the elite of the crisis they've provoked in Ukraine.

But there's no need to waste time trying to convince people of that now; if they didn't understand what the scamdemic was all about during two years of blatant deceit, they're not going to 'get it' now. Far better to go along with their explanation that these problems result from the Ukraine crisis and sanctions, and to ask the sheeple if all this pain is a price they are happy to pay to 'stand with Ukraine'. Because, for most of them, the answer is 'no'.

The third button is connected to that point as well, because it is about bringing home to the public exactly what sort of people they are being asked to 'stand with'. Again, the full truth is something that our well-informed regulars already know: Military-industrial complex profiteers, Zionist oligarchs, the LGBTQ lobby, the freemasonic uber-elite, etc, etc. But none of that is going to influence the masses.The button to press for them has been created by more than 70 years of relentless demonisation and programming - so it's just waiting for us to press it now, and put it to really constructive use in undermining the liberal elite's war propaganda: UKRAINIAN NAZIS.

Again, we've already repeatedly promoted the infamous picture of the Azov Battalion platoon with their flag side-by-side with the NATO emblem and the swastika, and we'll keep on pushing that. But when it comes to convincing people of something important, nothing beats the power of mainstream TV, so that's what we need to use to hammer on this vital third button. So here they are, three of the most alarming (especially for liberals) mainstream reports on the Nazi gangs which are now fully integrated into the Ukrainian army.

These are the people who have spent the last 8 years shelling Russian-speaking areas in eastern Ukraine. These are the people who Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau et al are sending convoys full of weapons right now. These are the people they plan to arm and train in camps in Poland and elsewhere in the EU in their effort to create a far-right version of Al Qaeda.

Silly liberals who post #IStandWithUkraine are horrified when they see footage like this, but the moment they post hashtags like that they set themselves up as juicy targets for you to hit with the links and show it to them. So we're posting these three programmes not for you to waste time watching things you already know. We're asking that you take these links and spend at least 10 minutes every day for the next week posting them in social media, in online forums such as newspaper comments sections, and anywhere they'll be seen by the multitude of idiots who are at present still falling for the warmongering lies of the MSM.

It's easy. It's effective. And we're asking you to commit to doing it, right now! Because, together, we can help to turn the tide of opinion against war - before the criminals and lunatics in charge get us all killed! Thank you and good hunting!





To maximise the impact, we need different videos hitting home at the same time. So to help that happen, if your surname starts with letters A-H, spend the first two days posting the first video, then move down the list. If it starts with I-P, start with the middle one and then move on to the others. If your surname starts with letters Q-Z, start at the bottom, then on day 3 move to the top. It's not rocket science, but it's help give the videos maximum impact, even though we're working at the same time and sometimes hitting the same targets. And that's the whole aim - we need to bombard these forums with different versions of the same devastating truth. So let's get to work, right now!