American voters could well save the world today! The mid-terms have thrown up the very real possibility that a Republican-controlled Senate could block further US Deep State funding for the monstrous NATO war in the Ukraine.

But only if EVERYONE who can vote does so. And if you live in America, that includes YOU! No excuses!

OF course, there is no guarantee that the RINO's and Christian-Zionist heretics will keep their pledge to stop throwing $2.5 million of taxpayers' money every hour to the Zelensky regime in Kiev. But they might, and at worst they will send less than the Democrats would.

So even if you (sensibly) don't trust any politicians, it is still ABSOLUTELY VITAL to vote today to get the Democrats out and to cripple the Biden regime for the next two years.

But don't just do it yourself. Grab a hold of a member of your family or a neighbor who otherwise might not bother to vote and take them with you, explaining how important it is to do everything possible to break the power of the warmongering Democrat Deep State - before they get us all killed in their insane and obscenely expensive LGBTQ liberal vendetta against Christian Russia.