'Wake Up' Documentary on Great Reset

'Wake Up' Documentary on Great Reset

A new 50-minute documentary is calling on individuals to “wake up” and realise the terrifying scale of societal changes which have already been imposed around the world in the name of fighting COVID-19 and what “The Great Reset” planned by international elites will mean for ordinary people.

The documentary provides an excellent summary of many of the radical changes we have seen around the world over the past 12 months:

  • Lockdown regimes and mask mandates around the world

  • The shutdown of national economies

  • The persecution of those who challenge the mainstream COVID-19 narrative

  • Widespread concern about the health risks of experimental COVID-19 vaccines



The video also highlights many key quotes from international leaders about the connection between the mantra of “building back better” from the COVID lockdowns and the new,global socialist economic and political era which will be ushered in by “The Great Reset.”

What does this mean for the future? Multiple national leaders, as well as senior figures within international groups such as the World Economic Forum, have told us to expect a world where the majority of the workforce is replaced by artificial intelligence. Such societies would see a major social gap between the few experts required to work and the majority of the population who would both be reliant upon and closely controlled by a coalition of big tech and big government.

If you’re already following all these developments closely, then this video is an excellent resource, neatly bringing together many issues and key quotes in one place.

And if you’re still wondering if the world you used to know is soon going “back to normal” after having been turned upside down for the past year, then this video should help you to “wake up.”


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