Walk Free From Police Persecution!

Walk Free From Police Persecution!

"Whatever you say, say nothing!" That's the crux of the advice in this freedom-saving booklet, but there is much, much more to it than that. What would YOU do if you get arrested? hat should you do? This fast-paced, expertly-written booklet of practical legal advice tells you PRECISELY what to do.

Arrest and unjust persecution for Thought Crime or legitimate resistance to injustice is no longer just a theoretical danger to Christians and patriots. As liberal totalitarianism, elite lockdowns, anti-white racism and other crimes spread, we ALL face the risk of being grabbed by the political police and questioned.

And, when it happens, answering those questions - however innocent they may seem - is the quickest and surest way to land yourself in prison. Bot just for a few hours, but for months, or even years.

This MUST READ pamphlet explains the dangers, and goes into fully researched and tried-and-tested detail as to what to do - from the moment the cops crash through your door to the moment you walk out of their cell a free man or woman.

So download 'Arrested' with the link below. And pass it on to all your friends and comrades. Because repression and injustice are already here,and informed resistance is obligatory!