War In The Bush, War To The Death

War In The Bush, War To The Death

‘Die Kaplyn’ is a song commemorating and thanking the brave men who served fighting Communist terrorists during the South African Border War. 

The Afrikaans term ‘Kaplyn’ literally means ‘Chop Line”. It was a 100 meter wide piece of ground which was cleared (chopped) of all vegetation and then sprayed with the notorious herbicide, which the U.S. military code-named ‘Agent Orange’.

Once the soil was treated with this chemical, nothing grew on that soil for 100 years or more – it basically sterilized the soil! This stretch of ground was “The Border” in more ways than one! It was a stretch of ground where tracks or evidence of the enemy were quickly detected.



Between bushes and trees / Between borders we all wait for tomorrow / But at eighteen we were all lost / How could we understand / And who weighs our lives now / Because only God alone knows why we quiver / Because at eighteen we all just wanted to live / Just one flash and your life was gone / Are you calling me / Calling me back to the Chopline (Die Kaplyn) my friend / The world has turned over the years / When we were young how could we have guessed / Are you searching for me / Searching for me now in the dust and your blood / You said you heard how God was calling you / Then it was all over… / After all these years / Far gone do we drift around in our deeds / Only soldiers live with damage caused by borders / How can you understand / Because the bush gobbles our tracks / In the dark bush brothers were born / In the dark we prayed together for tomorrow / But in one flash your life was over / Are you calling me / Are you calling me back to ‘Die Kaplyn’ my friend / The world has turned over the years / When we were young how could we have guessed / Where are you now / Is your name then retained on our walls / You were never honoured and no one will / Write about your life and what you still wanted… / And at that wall / I stand for hours / But where’s your name now my friend / Can they not understand / Young soldiers perish… / Without reason they carry the blame…