Watch It While you Can! Rare Nick Griffin Interview

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Watch It While you Can! Rare Nick Griffin Interview

A million Brits voted for his party in 2009. For more than ten years, the ‘threat’ of the British National Party was the main sub-story in every UK election.

The BBC’s obsession with stopping him led them not just to try to get him jailed for speaking out about the groming scandal, but also to promote Nigel Farage to such an extent that they got the Brexit vote under the Law of Unintended Consequences.

So why did one of the highest profile men in British politics, and Britain’s most successful ever ‘far-right’ leader, appear to vanish almost overnight? What has he done since? What does he think about the KTI? And what are his predictions and plans for the future?

All this and more is discussed in this wide-ranging interview with Dionne Miller, a former British police officer who was herself persecuted for trying to expose and end the scandal of Muslim grooming gangs targeting thousands of young English, Sikh and West Indian girls for brutal sexual exploitation.

We suggest you watch it before the YouTube censors take it down!


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