Watch what happens when a left-wing professor is confronted by traditionalists

Since WW2 liberals have hijacked every institution in the land; no more so than the university system. When the Alt-Right held its march in Charlottesville in August of last year, we warned them that they were being setup.

The fallout was disastrous for all patriots: sites were blocked, accounts were seized, and the media went into overdrive condemning the entire right as nothing more than ‘neo-Nazis.’

The death of an antifa protestor by one of the Alt-Right attendees, James Fields, after his car crashed into a group of left-wingers created a media storm throughout the Western world.

What the fake news media left out was the fact that his car was attacked and one of the left-wingers was armed with a rifle. The gun-toting thug, a Marxist college lecturer by name of Dwayne Dixon.

Big league politics, a right-wing outlet, confronted the professor at his university campus. Watch and see how Marxists behave when confronted genuine conservatives about their behaviour:

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