"We're Coming For Your Children" LGBTQ Boast

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"We're Coming For Your Children" LGBTQ Boast

"Separate from Sodom!" That's the core message of the Templars' brilliant first book, Deus Vult - Reconquista of the West. If you still have a shred of doubt as to whether we are right, then you MUST grit your teeth and watch this appalling piece of homosexualist triumphalism.

What then? Turn off the TV. Disconnect your little ones from the System that seeks to devour them! Home-school! Get out of the city! Join a healthy, faithful church in a small town or rural community! And pray! Because this level of wickedness cannot and will not be permitted to last for long, but the Wrath of God is going to be very, very grave.


Crusade for America!

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Flyers- brochures - every home crusade – Multimedia information films – Advertising and much MUCH more as Templars world-wide rally to Americas Cause of FREEDOM,LIBERTY and GOD! DEUS VULT!