We're Ruled by Barbarians!

We're Ruled by Barbarians!

The imposition of abortion on Ireland and by bringing Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the baby-murdering UK, brought a shattering revelation to many: We are ruled by barbarians. Americans in Ohio have also just discovered the same thing.

We are constantly told that we live in a wonderful, tolerant, humane 'civilisation', but the sad truth is that we are ruled by barbarians who do not care about human life in the womb. In the Bible, there was worship of the evil god Moloch, to whom the firstborn of the Canaanites was ritually sacrificed in fire. Modern-day worshippers of Moloch propose abortion as something compassionate, and they get sentimental about destroying human life in the womb, even if that life is viable or capable of living outside the mother.

In his famous essay Self-Reliance, Emerson comments on the opposition an unjust law demands of us. He said, 

Paradise is under the shadow of swords;…divine sentiments which are always soliciting us are breathed into us from on high and are an offset to a Universe of suffering and crime; that self-reliance, the height and perfection of man, is reliance on God. The insight of the religious sentiment will disclose to him unexpected aids in the nature of things. The Persian Saadi said, “Beware of hurting the orphan. When the orphan sets a-crying, the throne of the Almighty is rocked from side to side.”

And God hears the cry of the unborn, the silent scream, and is aware of all the remorse and recrimination abortion causes in the life of those with the misfortune to choose it. 

Our eyes must be open to the blatant paganism of our culture. There is no ambiguity. The democratic process has been corrupted by vested interests and the overwhelming ignorance of the el