WEF Lockdown Mania On Display

WEF Lockdown Mania On Display

"Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world." With almost every independent business in the Western world facing lockdown ruin, suicide and mental illness rates through the ceiling and entire populations desperate for even a glimpse of normality and freedom, this message from the World Economic Forum caused instant outrage when the Davis dictators of the world put out a tweet celebrating lockdowns.

The WEF’s propaganda tweet - which was was accompanied by a video showing deserted streets and silent factories, that noted a record drop in carbon emissions and linked to an article claiming that silent cities contributed to better detection of minor earthquakes (because millions of workers losing their jobs is clearly less important than being able to measure the next M2 quake to the 8th significant digit) - survived just a few hours following a barrage of mockery and outraged comments.

Reeling under the ridicule and protests, the WEF deleted the tweet, admitting that "lockdowns aren’t “quietly improving cities” around the world", while still insisting that the restrictions have been “an important part of the public health response to Covid-19.”

This isn't the first PR clanger dropped by the WEF, Swiss-based a private business masquerading as an official body, and the main driver of the grotesque over-reaction of governments all over the world to Covid19.

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